Good adobo rice and ensaladang tarong @Bunk 5021 hostel

Good adobo rice and ensaladang tarong @Bunk 5021 hostel


Hi there! Welcome to my first blog! Yes it’s my first blog. By the way this is Ning, Let me start with you all to greet you a very nice day, I hope you are doing great today. Today, I want to introduce with you all about the adobo rice that I love to eat and I love to order here in Bunk 5021 hostel every time I came here with this place. Hmmmmm…? What are the facts about their adobo rice? First and foremost, it’s definitely tasty. We cannot say the taste is only good. It’s definitely better than good. That taste will always brings you smile and positive  energy just like…”Oops! wait a moment. You have to forget the bad vides for a minute or two. Sit, relax and feel the real taste with the enjoyable moment for now” Actually as a Filipino ,we all know what are the normally way  to make adobo and also how to cook rice as well. But it’s not just like adobo with rice that we normally eat at home, outside, canteen or anywhere else. But it’s a combination of a taste of adobo and a rice. 


I’m so happy to shared it with you guys today. Of course not only.
Here is the access of this restaurant.
You must get it. 

Address: 5021 P. Burgos StreetMakati, Luzon 1210, Philippines
opening hours: 10:00am to 22:00pm.(sample)

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