Dear God

Dear God,
I just wanted to say thank you for everything. We are safe, healthy and in good condition. With shelter to stay, food(stocks) to eat, Internet or other activities to do to overcome our boredom and impatience inside our room. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness and unconditional love. Thank you for your protection and guidance.Thank you for keeping us safe and also our love ones too. Thank you. Despite these challenges that everyone, all of the countries in whole over the world who are facing this kind of circumstance about the increasing number of Covid19 Infected and dead people, you still there. For us. Thank you.

Today is the 9th day for everyone to be quarantined for a month as our president declared to lessen the continuous and multiplying number of infectious viruses that might infect and kill more people in our land. And at the same time with other countries.

God, we need you. This kind of problem we need you.
You the one who only knows how to evict that viruses which quickly spread. God I know we asked too much and more than enough but still, we need you. Although we are safe inside our home we can’t live comfortably showing that our environment or land getting dangerous. We still feel unsafe. We can’t live happily showing that other people are unhappy because they are or their family, friends, neighbor or other love ones is in critical conditions and some are ended to death. God, we need you. We need your protection right now not only for me, for my family but for everyone. Please give us guidance and protection. Bless us oh Lord bless us. Please also bless those health workers with their hard work trying to do their best to maintain our health is fine. Please bless the doctors with a big heart and send them the knowledge to create new medicine that could heal and stop the abominated virus that still continues spreading. Please bless all the leaders including presidents, mayors, captains, any government officials, and barangay officials, residents leaders who really love their job as a leader and a father of their citizens and has a big heart to help their nation please bless them and send them the knowledge to manage and to decide everything that we need just to taking care of everyone’s life and land. Please bless also those residents and their fellow citizens who have faith, hope and looking for guidance and protection especially to those family who really in needs like people on the streets without shelter, food, and other basic needs, also those people who were infected by Covid19 and other diseases or pains, some is in critical conditions and some is struggling for daily life. For those people who have a psychological problem like anxiety, depressions, loneliness, and other related.

Hopefully, everything will be okay now. Hoping that no more coronavirus can infect other people. Hoping for no more person will be infected, no more to lose at least one life for every single transmission happens every single day just because of the virus that suddenly appeared came from nowhere. Hoping that everything is back to normal. No one’s afraid to go out from inside their home. No one has to worries where to go and who to go with and hang with. Free to hug and kiss our love ones. Free to meet new people, friends and shake hands with them. I can’t wait for the time that nobody has  judge mental to another person if they have corona virus or haven’t just because of their slanted eyes. Yes, I agreed no one is perfect. I honestly can’t blame anyone if they feel bad about it. Because I know everyone has right to protect themselves for them to protect others too especially their love ones.

To be honest, I was thinking that maybe it happens with a purpose for everyone’s life. But I am pretty sure that after we overcome all these challenges I believe that It will leave a big  impact to all. It will be a big big big lesson to everyone that will spread ’til the next generation and so on.

Again God, thank you for everything. You are always inside my heart.


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