First day of school..

First day of school..

How's my first day of my school?

Hi there! here we are again in with my blog! By the way this is Ning, Let me start with you all to greet you a very nice day, I hope you are doing great today.

Today, I’ll gonna share to you about my experienced of my first day of my school. Where I feel worried before I start that school day and thinking if my classmates and professor are good, kind or they are not. Because this will be another day, another year, and another big challenge for me as a working student having irregular schedule at school and no specific section due to I only enrolled 5 subjects instead 10 subjects. So that, I don’t have any friends and I consider myself as a new student with a different sections of their courses.

Monday. July 1, 2019. I entered a school class where the section is for the accounting students and course. But I end up with their section having irregular schedule just to meet my subject that same with them. I feel shy, nervous and not confidently to share my smile because I am new.

But one thing I realized after few minutes later and when our professor get started to discuss, I love this class. Everyone has unity and care to each other. Our professor presents a power point about mission and vision of University of Makati. He also gave us an activity in the way we can share our expectation with this subjects “Ethics”. We have to share our thoughts or expectation for this subject in ONE WORD. Yes it is.. one word with explanation. sounds cool right? because everyone has different, terms that could share and blow our mind. Some word are so funny, some are amazing, some are just normal and some is unbelievable. At least everyone is happy.

So that, my first day I can say is I’m so happy to meet them.

 🙂 🙂 🙂

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